C610R ReaderPen upgrade

Step 1. Check serial number

The serial number is printed on the back side if the product. Check the range (first 9 digits) and click below to find out upgradability details.

Serial number range

Step 2. Check upgradability

Click below on the section corresponding to your device’s serial number to find more details.

Serial number range 241541508 to 241541511

Serial number range 241541601 to 241541603

Serial number range 241541604 and higher

Step 3. Upgrade

How to upgrade

  1. Make sure the reader Pen battery is charged to at least 50%.
  2. Connect the ReaderPen to your computer and select U-disk mode.
  3. Copy the two files extracted from the downloaded firmware file in Step 2 (sysdict.bin & updatesys_7.0.xx.bin) to the C610R drive (if there are two drives pick the large one).
  4. When copy is finished, eject the drive and disconnect it (unplug USB cable).
  5. On the ReaderPen, navigate to Settings/Software Upgrade and press OK button to select.
  6. Press yes and wait for upgrade to finish. This may take up to 10 minutes.

For more details, watch the video guide above!