C-Pen Reader Pen upgrade

Latest version


How to upgrade

  1. Make sure the reader Pen battery is charged to at least 50%.
  2. Download the latest firmware: C610R 7.0.69
  3. Connect the Reader Pen to your computer and select U-disk mode.
  4. Enter the C610R drive (if there are two, pick the large one).
  5. Copy the extracted files (sysdict.bin & updatesys_7.0.69.bin) to the C610R drive.
  6. Eject the drive and disconnect it (unplug USB cable).
  7. On the Reader Pen, navigate to SettingsSoftware Upgrade and select.
  8. Press yes and wait for upgrade to finish. This may take up to 10 minutes.


  • Spanish scanning supported
  • Spanish speech supported
  • Collins English-English dictionary (Collins English Dictionary 30th Anniversary Edition Tenth Edition).
  • English-Spanish bidirectional dictionary (Diccionario Oxford Pocket para estudiantes de ingles 4th edition and Oxford Spanish Dictionary 4th edition)
  • American English voice supported.
  • Read delay (set a delay between scanning and start reading)
  • Enlarge and listen to single word (Text Reader Mode).
  • Words highlighted when spoken (Text reader & Scan to File mode).
  • Look up word in dictionary - shortcut from Scan to File.

For more details, watch the video guide above!