The C-Pen EXAM Reader is the latest and greatest in the C-Pen family. With its embedded natural text-to-speech voice it is a breakthrough for anyone wanting to read English exam questions.
C-Pen EXAM Reader tailored for UK and the English market and is sold exclusively by ScanningPens in the UK.
And… yes, it is approved by Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) for use in exams in UK.
Check out the video below and the leaflet!

Or why not have a look at the more generic A10B Dictionary with Collins English-English dictionary and TTS and text storage capabilities?

3.0 vs 3.5?

Usability: If you’re a very mobile worker/student, or highly appreciate your cable free desk we’d recommend the 3.5. If the cable is not necessarily a bad thing we’d recommend the 3.0. InRead More...
By : Peter | Jun 28, 2015

Translate. Again.

Using the PROMT translation software that we currently bundle with C-Pen 3.0 doesn’t only allow you to scan and translate. It features a complete Windows integration allowing instant translation of emails, documentsRead More...
By : Peter | Jun 24, 2015


Need to translate text every once in a while? Or perhaps very frequently? A digital highlighter is a very convenient tool to capture text, and if you link it with translation softwareRead More...
By : Peter | Jun 8, 2015

Data entry

You don’t have to be a student to find a digital highlighter useful. It’s a very convenient tool to enter data into e.g. business systems as well. Enter dates, amounts, SKU#, invoiceRead More...
By : Peter | May 21, 2015

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